5 Simple Ways of Keeping Your Relationship Fresh and Healthy


We often think dating is for singles looking for love but that’s exactly where lots of couples go wrong. Dating is essential at every stage of a relationship. Whether you’ve been together three weeks or three years you should never stop making an effort to spend quality time together.

The sad truth is that after a week of endless meetings and tight schedules, thinking of imaginative ways to spend time with your sweetheart takes effort, even if you’re in the early stages of dating.

Put a date in your diary each week or once a month to spend dedicated and uninterrupted time together and we can guarantee you’ll keep the flame alive for a long time.

Go somewhere new: don’t just go for supper. Meet at a gallery, go to a concert or watch a foreign film. New experiences inject energy into a relationship and create an immediate bond.

Take turns: don’t leave it up to one person to arrange a date every week. Alternate when organising outings for each other to make sure you’re both making the effort.

Surprise: show your date you really care by arranging something you know they will love; something they’ve been talking about for ages and never got round to, perhaps? Or something they’ve never thought of doing but you know they’d love. What about roller-skating, ice-climbing, or a contemporary art exhibition?

Get out of town: book a train ticket to Brighton or South-end on sea, for example. Why not hire a couple of bicycles and tap into your inner child again? There are lots of places you can go for the day, if you don’t have a whole weekend to spare.

Introduce some old-fashioned romance: don’t be scared of doing something a little bit cheesy like watching the sunset together over Primrose hill, having a bubble bath or cooking a candle-lit dinner. We all need a bit more old-fashioned romance in our lives.

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