About Drug Detox and Its Treatment

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Drug detoxification is an integral part of drug addiction. It gives people who identify as drug addicts a chance to reclaim themselves as human beings and lead a healthy lifestyle. Drug detox treatments can be of many types, and depending on the type one goes with, their schedule is planned for the program.

Drug detoxification programs are based on the patient and their needs. There may or may not be medications involved. Drug detox programs are designed so that drug addicts can return to a normal life without any guilt, shame, or hopelessness.

In this article, we will read more about drug detox and its treatment.

What is Drug Detoxification?

The meaning of the word ‘detoxification’ is getting rid of toxins from a body. When thrown into context, drug detoxification means a treatment where drug addicts can get rid of the residual drugs from their system and lead a normal life again.

Thus, we can define drug detox as the procedure through which the body can let go of its drugs safely handling the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms arise when the body is deprived of the drug it has grown dependent on. Thus, there are harmful effects on the body under withdrawal, such as chills, temperature, rash, excessive sweating, and nausea. 

Withdrawal can be fatal in certain cases and must be handled efficiently. The drug detox plan thus steps in here and takes control of the life of the drug addict so that they can make progress according to the plan and be proud of themselves. However, there is more to the question of What is drug detox in California. The next section answers the rest.

How is the Drug Detox Decided?

The drug detox programs are not the same for everyone, and neither are they conjured up in any manner whatsoever. When a patient is enrolled in a facility, they are examined thoroughly by trained medical professionals, and only then is a plan chalked out depending on a number of factors. These factors decide the schedule, medications, if any, appointments with healthcare professionals, and most importantly, the duration of the detox program.

The substance that the person was abusing for the said duration of time is the first factor that decides the type of drug detox required. Next comes the duration of drug abuse, the frequency, and the severity. They also check if there has been more than one drug that the addict has been used to. In that case, the detox plans are a bit more complex. 

How the drug is abused also holds a lot of importance. There is also a certain amount to which the body is accustomed when they are taking drugs. Apart from this, there is a review of the underlying mental health issues, physical health issues, and genetic makeup drawn to understand the patient’s history.

What are the Steps in Drug Detox?

The three main steps in drug detox are:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Stabilisation
  3. Treatment

The drug detox may be at home or a facility. If the detox program is at home, the facility provides a detox kit and sets up appointments. However, the preferred form of detox is in-centre as it allows the patient a safe environment to make progress. 

Thus, if there is a question regarding what is drug detox in California, this is what detox looks like – a safe, helpful environment with fellow addicts who are making progress each day.