Celebrate the Fourth with Korean fried chicken, corn dogs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Ultra-crispy and tossed in a garlic soy marinade, the chicken wings I experienced at Bok Bok Chicken ended up a revelation, retaining a enjoyable crunch in the course of the meal and correctly offset by a huge container of pickled radish.

Korean fried rooster is nothing at all new — Los Angeles restaurants have been serving the double-fried wings for very well in excess of a 10 years and it’s on the menu of at least 3 spots locally — but my experience with it has been somewhat minor. The hen at Bok Bok lastly fulfilled my expectations immediately after a long time of studying about Koreatown mainstays Bonchon and Kyochon, which I experienced each intention of visiting but someway always got sidetracked by a new dumpling or soup joint.

Having an exemplary version close by is gratifying.

“Cheese hot dog” at Bok Bok Hen.

Bok Bok also provides Korean-style corn canines. The “cheese incredibly hot dog” is a battered, deep-fried mozzarella adhere drizzled with ketchup and mustard and sprinkled with sugar. Unusual, but surprisingly excellent.

The restaurant is positioned at 1321 Easton Generate, just north of the Starbucks on California Avenue.

During new travels, 17 Information Director Michael Trihey ventured to Winnemucca, Nev., the place he stopped at venerable diner The Griddle. Visitors can get scratch-built pancakes, stuffed French toast and enough omelets, benedicts and other egg dishes to satisfy the wants of any breakfast lover.

Granola and berries at The Griddle.

Trihey selected a healthy but no less tasty choice: selfmade granola served with milk and a bowl of refreshing berries.

Probably there’s a lesson in our respective meals: Indulge in hen and corn pet dogs, recover with granola. As with most points in lifetime, balance is crucial.