Almost everyone has that one favorite chair. You know the one that is so worn that your wife or family is always, jokingly, threatening to throw it out. It can be very hard for us to give up our favorite chair, but now there is a great reason. If you or someone you love has trouble standing up than a lift chair is for you. Lift chairs work by raising the seat at a very slow and steady pace that leaves the user in a near standing position. This can be a lifesaver because it reduces strain to the backs and legs and prevents accidents that can arise when we stand up. Remember to measure your old seats dimensions so that you have an idea of the measurements that you will need.

In addition to greatly increasing your independence and mobility these chairs are also extremely comfortable. Whether you enjoy watching TV, reading, or taking a nap lift chairs will quickly become your favorite chair. With a built in remote control it is possible to operate the back and built in ottoman. This is a big step up from those chairs that have a handle on the side, which in and of itself can present a challenge to those that are mobility or visually impaired. Many chairs also have built in heat and massage. There is nothing like watching your favorite program on TV and relaxing to a nice warm massage.

These chairs are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support for your back and legs, but finding the correct color and fabric to match your room is a breeze as well. Certified dealers have a vast array of colors and fabrics to choose from that can be viewed online. There are also many stain resistant fabrics that are very easy to clean and maintain.

It has never been so easy and trouble free to purchase a lift chair online and many times they offer chairs at discounted prices.

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