Diet Desires Newsletter Dec 2020 for Health and Longevity

Diet Desires Newsletter Dec 2020 for Health and Longevity

Merry Christmas and Boldog Karacsonyt to You and Your Family! Happy Holidays!

Gingerbread CapitolGingerbreak Capitol Holl

Looking back on Christmas – The Way We Were

During the Pandemic maybe we have time to think back to our childhood Christmas memories with gratitude. Because I grew up in Hungary, my Christmas is a bit different from the American customs.

Gingerbread Horses Gingerbread Horses

Christmas was a 3-day holiday event. On the 24th, the Christmas Eve menu included fish or vegetarian items. Meat came on Christmas Day and a day after only. Christmas eve was mainly for the close family. Next day the wider family enjoyed a lunch together. And on the third day friends, neighbours. We were so full of food! Gifts were opened on Christmas Eve – so all the kids and adults were dressed festively when they opened their gifts…

Marzipan Marzipan

I still make marzipan “Szaloncukor” – which is a Hungarian Christmas candy hanged on the tree. It is like a small Christmas cracker, but we hung them on the tree. (We used to steal the chocolates inside , then carefully wrap the cover again, unnoticed by our Mom…)

Have a Very Whatsapp Christmas!

You might not travel or have guests – that might not be wise. But look at it as an opportunity: you still can do a ZOOM party: share the menu, eat a plate together – no hassle to perform for a lot of people! – It worked for us during Thanksgiving: we have experienced a foodie family online sharing. My family has a lot of very talented cooks. Way before Thanksgiving we started a discussion texting the menu. These gourmet chefs bombarded my WahtsApp with ideas, later photos!

There will be only the two of us again at the table this Christmas. Cancelled all visits due to COVID. But again, the good side of it, that I don’t have to follow regular tradition and can be quite liberal fusing Hungarian and American tradition.

So here are some new mixed tradition Christmas holiday recipes for two

Hungarian Creamy Beetroot Soup       Gluten-Free Breaded Fish
Hungarian Creamy Beetroot Soup

You don’t have to be Transylvanian Hungarian, but if you use tarragon, lemon and sour cream for a soup, you qualify. A popular Christmas dinner start with stunning red color.

      Gluten-Free “Breaded” Fish

Healthier and lighter than using flour, now everyone can eat “breaded” fish. The almond meal, paprika and lemon zest in the batter brings a zing to the tasty fish.

Cranberry Fool with Amaranth       Christmas Kebab Appetizer
Cranberry Fool with Amaranth

My Christmas creation with fresh cranberries. In another season you can use sour or sweet cherries. Easy, quick and amazing for any sweet tooth person with health in mind.

      Christmas Kabob Appetizers

I just loved the christmas look of this starter. I give the full credit to the Italians and Taste of Home. I will make it on Christmas eve, as it is vegetarian and beautiful. Being winter here, I will substitute fresh basil leaves for baby spinach or lettuce leaves.

Cranberry Fool with Amaranth       Hope you will try some of the menu. If so, please please send comments and questions through the recipe comments! It helps Google recognizing my work…😜 I reply to everyone. If you like the blog, pass it on to anyone – they can subscribe.

Wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Stay safe!

Hanna Frederick

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