Distinguishable Traits of Successful Serial Entrepreneurs 

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In the business world, you might come across a number of people who claim themselves as entrepreneurs, but many of them do not make it through just a year of starting the business. Now knowing that there aren’t many entrepreneurs around, imagine how rare serial entrepreneurs would be. 

Understanding Serial Entrepreneurs Through Shu Li 

In simple terms, serial entrepreneurs are people who can repeatedly turn creative ideas into successful business ventures and start a number of companies under their name. Some of them establish companies within the same sector while others expand their business influence across a number of sectors. 

A prime example of a successful serial entrepreneur is Shu Li who is considered one of the best scientists and senior corporate executives across the globe. He is also one of the few individuals who truly understands the work of a serial entrepreneur and makes the most of the opportunities presented to him. 

His enterprises have been spread across the semiconductor, healthcare and biomedical sectors. You might have even heard of his companies like the WA Health Centers, Cellular BioMedicine Group, Helio Genomics, and more. 

Some of his work endeavors include being the founder of Cellular BioMedicine Group which is a biopharmaceutical company in CAR-T cancer immunotherapy and stem cell joint regeneration that became public on NASDAQ in 2014. 

Li also worked in the Department of Systems Engineering faculty at the University of Arizona where he partnered with Dr. Shigeo Shingo from the Toyota Production Systems in various manufacturing consulting projects. Additionally, he also led a research and development pilot production which consisted of three semiconductor chip factories in Motorola’s Arizona R&D. Additionally, he also holds six US and international patents, plus the Negative Gravity Therapeutic Methods.

Naturally this makes me wonder how he was able to achieve his success – which is why we have looked into some of the most notable traits of successful serial entrepreneurs and will be sharing them with you to help you find your way around coming on the same path as them. 

Time Management 

Our time will always be one of the most valuable assets of our lives. Hence, it has been stressed that serial entrepreneurs need to have a proper time management system that gives them the edge over their competitors.

Strategic Business Relationships 

If you want to survive in the business world, you need to have strong connections. So not only do serial entrepreneurs have a strong team of employees and advisors, but they have also developed strong relationships with potential partners that can help them enhance their business operations on a whole new level. 

Insatiable Interest 

A crucial factor that distinguishes serial entrepreneurs from the others is that inherent drive to constantly be curious, aski questions, find out new information, connect ideas, and solve problems. 

They are the kind of people who read everything they come across, generating ideas from the most unlikely of places and find their own unique touch to start a business within the professional world. 

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