Dog Health – Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butt Around On The Floor?


Man’s best friend dragging its butt on the floor is not very appealing or cute to watch. But as dog owners, the scene of our dog dragging its butt on the floor is an all too familiar event. Why do dogs do that though? Is it to exact revenge on that horridly dry kibble we just fed it by accident? Or is it a neurotic behavior due to some genetic material dating back millions of years? Whoa now! Let’s not get carried away with our thoughts now.

Reason #1: My Butt Itches

Yes, I wrote it. One reason why dogs drag their butts on the ground is because it itches. They can’t reach that part of their body with their teeth. So, when it itches, the way dogs scratch that area is to drag it on the floor.

Now, there are secondary reasons why their butt might itch. They may have some dirt stuck there. The proud owner of the dog may have to give the dog a bath to help relieve the itching in that area. The dog may have gotten bit by a bug in that area too. A little anti-itch cream may be needed in that area. Check with your veterinarian on this first though before trying it out.

Reason #2: Ouch! My Anal Glands Are Impacted

This reason is the most common for dogs that drag their butts on a fairly regular basis. A dog’s anal glands are located on either side of its butt. When they get impacted, the fluids that are normally secreted build up inside the dog’s glands. This buildup of fluid causes the glands to become hard and causes the dog discomfort. Dragging its butt on the floor helps to alleviate this discomfort.

Anal glands become impacted may be due to an improper diet. Feeding wrong foods creates havoc for the digestive system which in turn prevents the proper functioning of the glands.

Two possible solutions can be tried for this. One, you can empty the glands on a regular basis by squeezing the glands with our fingers. Two, you can choose to feed only top grade foods that do not contain by-products or other known ingredients that are not healthy to feed.

While it may be normal for your pet to drag its butt on the floor occasionally, if you observe it on a regular basis, please take action to fix a potential health problem. It may require a trip to the vet so the veterinarian can empty the glands in a quick and painless method.

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