Ergonomic Executive Chair Recommendations for Your Bad Back


Do you work in the office? Protect your back with ergonomic executive chair.

The long hours spent in office on a regular chair may not be conducive for your back. If you are experiencing cramps or aches in the back after you get up from your chair then it is time to switch to an ergonomic executive chair.

These chairs are scientifically developed to adapt as per the natural body structure and provide adequate support to the natural body contours. When we sit on any regular chair we don’t realize that we inadvertently end up straining our spine.

Why? In simple terms, the back of the chair is ram-rod straight whereas our back is not. The base of the chair is important because it is supporting all our weight. The greater distribution of our weight when sitting, the less pressure on our backs.

Do not mistake your sitting on a chair as resting, in fact you are doing just the opposite. You are shifting the entire weight of your body on to your spine while sitting. In the meantime, the hips and the thighs carry the extra weight.

Sitting for long hours is not advisable as it hampers our vertebral system. Do you sit for more than two hours each time? Make a point to get up, walk around, every now and then.

To reduce developing a bad back, invest in a ergonomic executive chair.

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair may cause blood to collect in the feet and legs too. The scientific design on ergonomic executive chair ensures that the long hours spent on the chair do not cause any problem to your body. They are designed keeping the skeletal structure of the human body and are highly recommended by medical specialists too.

Ergonomic executive chairs are available in various types to suit your varying medical requirements for bad backs:

Sciatica ergonomic executive chair:

Sciatica pain generally travels from the hips to the legs and the pain can be acute and mar your quality of life. Along with your medication and physiotherapy you need to have the appropriate accessories to offer complete assistance in tackling the ailment. An ergonomic executive chair would assure a natural alignment of the hips while sitting in the office and contribute to reducing the pain. The memory foam used in the chair adjusts to the natural shape of the back and offers sturdy support.

Coccyx ergonomic chairs:

Coccydynia or tail-bone pain is another common ailment that can be substantially relieved by ergonomic executive chairs. Although considered a vestibule bone, the tail bone if injured can cause immense pain and deteriorate the quality of life. These chairs have a tailbone cutout i.e. an empty space where your tailbone is supposed to be. This helps avoid even the slightest pressure on the area keeping it comparatively more relaxed. The contours of the chairs are such that they spread the total body weight evenly across the chair for complete relaxation while sitting and therefore no cramps while getting up either.

Customizable ergonomic chairs:

Some ergonomic chair companies focuses on making customized body fit chairs that are uniquely built as per the customer. They would take your measurements and custom-make a chair that matches your specifications.

Ergonomic orthopedic executive chair:

This is an executive chair with slight contours and is a mid task back chair. Ideally designed for people with a height of 5 feet to 5.6 feet, these chairs evenly distribute the person’s weight to give complete relaxation to the back and legs. They come with adjustments that can be adjusts as per your won requirements. Especially designed for professionals who spend endless hours at their chair, your body would not oppose the long hours as long as it is seated comfortably. It comes with a 3-layered foam and are also covered with ergonomic fabric for compete comfort.

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