Ferrets Love to Eat – Healthy Ferret Snacks


Yes! The facts are now in, Ferrets most definitely love their ferret snacks… in case you were wondering! Nevertheless, you must use caution when feeding your ferret snacks. He or she just might become too attached to his snacks and might be expect a treat at every meal…

That is right. Ferrets are peculiar when it comes to eating. Fussy eater does not begin to describe them when it comes to eating. Feeding a ferret its all time favorite snack is bad news. That snack will become its new every day food if you’re not careful.

Avoid Certain Ferret Snacks

Every responsible ferret owner and anyone who is fond of their ferret need to really keep an eye on what the ferret eats. We all know ferrets loves those sugary cereals but they simply contain too much sugar. Those high sugar snacks cause hyperactive activity and a hyperactive ferret is a handful for sure!

With the high occurrence of diabetes in ferrets, owners should really avoid high sugar diets, go to a more meat-based diet for their ferrets, and avoid snacks like cereals such as lucky charms or ice cream cones.

Since we are talking about things to avoid, let us talk about soda pop. Never give a ferret caffeine, I mean come on seriously. Ferrets are already bouncing off the walls already. Yes, they do love carbonated drinks and sugar but seriously do not get them addicted to caffeine. Carbonated drinks are just too hard on their system and should just be avoided.

Snacks for the Ferret

Finally, we arrive at what you can give your ferret. If you absolutely have to share a drink with your ferret you can share some juices. They are high in sugar but they are naturally occurring in the real world. Non-processed stuff like oranges, grapes etc. It would be like the ferret picked the grapes or oranges themselves. It is a whole lot easier on their systems to process.

You do not want to give your ferret to much juice, but a little bit will not hurt.

Some sweet snacks you can give your ferret are bananas, raisins, and grapes. These are high in sugar so remember not too much.

The best snacks to give your ferret are of the high protein variety. Things like dog treats, cat treats, frozen organs, and eggs. Check your pet stores. They will have plenty of high protein ferret snacks available.

Ferrets are like any other pet. They love a good snack and it is your duty as a good owner to make sure their snack is healthy and safe!

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