Getting a Picky Diabetic Dog to Eat Different Foods


When your dog is diagnosed with diabetes there will be changes made to his diet. Most pets will not eat prescription diabetic dog food. Unless a sudden change is required for your dog’s diet, you should try to gradually change his diet by slowly adding the prescription dog food to his regular food. A great tip would be to add ¼ of the prescription dog food to his regular food and after a few days slowly increase the amount to ½ of the prescription dog food. Continue substituting the prescription dog food until your beloved pet is only eating his prescription dog food.

Pets with diabetes should eat regularly. It can be stressful to pet owners and life threatening for your pet if you gave him the insulin injection and he refuses to eat afterwards. Here are some tips you can try to entice your beloved pet to eat. Do remember to consult with your vet before you try these tips to make sure everything is fine.

• Add Toppings – add a little of your pet’s favourite food or a little healthy treat with his usual food to entice your pet to eat. The goal is to mix his favorite food with his usual food so that your dog can’t pick out the yummy food and leave the rest.

• Here are some suggestions from diabetic dog owners to entice their pets to eat:

  • Add a little healthy chicken broth to their food.
  • Or try Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.
  • Some small bits of whole wheat bread or crumbled crackers help entice your dog to eat their diabetic dog food.

• Feed a different food — there might be times when your diabetic dog will refuse to eat or vomit his food when he is on medication. Remember eating something is usually better than eating nothing. Try to feed your dog normal everyday food until he gets over his medications.

Always consult your vet for the best feeding program for your dog if he refuses to eat. Just remember that your dog’s diet will help him a lot in coping with diabetes. Your beloved dog will need all the love and affection you can give to make him a happy healthy dog.

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