Grow Your Very Own Vegetable Garden


The Home Grown Vegetable Garden.

Home grown herb, fruit and veggie gardens are the in-thing to do at the moment. Not only is a vegetable garden a great way to save money by growing your own food; it gets you outdoors, active and can become a fun hobby for all of the family!

What are the main benefits of growing your own Vegetable Garden?

  • You Get Healthy! Eating fresh herbs, fruit and veggies is essential in our daily diets to provide us with the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. By growing your own, you can trust that your food is 100% safe and free from contamination. Your fruit and vegetables will taste much better because they will be picked fresh, straight from your back garden without going through any lengthy transportation and handling processes.
  • You Enjoy the Outdoors! Gardening is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. It is an excellent form of exercise as well as a relaxing hobby to look forward to doing. You can get some much needed Vitamin D from the natural sun rays and fresh air for your lungs whilst you potter around, which encourages your body to naturally release happy endorphins. Furthermore, growing your very own vegetable garden will fill you and your family with a wonderful sense of achievement. Feel proud to watch your seedlings grow in to delicious food thanks to the love and care you have provided.
  • Be Environmentally Friendly! Growing your own fruit and vegetables actually has a massive impact on being good to our planet. Being organic reduces air, water and land pollution as well as significantly reducing food wastage. The average UK household throws out around £500 worth of unwanted food every year. If you grow your own fruit and veg you can have complete control of your food usage and wastage.
  • Save Money! Growing your own food is much cheaper than buying from the supermarket. Prices for fruit and vegetables are constantly on the rise, but the cost of seedlings is significantly low. The cost to keep your vegetable garden in full bloom is nothing compared to the quality of products you will be growing and eating.

How can you grow your own Vegetable Garden?

Easy! You don’t have to have a huge garden; you can even grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables in a windowsill container or on your patio if you are short of space.

To kick start your own ‘food garden’, the best thing that you can do is purchase a high quality vegetable topsoil which will give your seedlings the best possible start by providing them with essential nutrients, moisture and rich organic matter to grow to their full potential and taste exquisite.

By starting out with a great topsoil, you can look forward to a life-long love of gardening, growing, saving money and tasting fresh fruit and vegetables every single day.

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