Health is Wealth & The Rule is Getting Mandatory


Dubai’s health economy is declared to be full of opportunities for locals & expats. The growing population & change of technology has brought the healthcare industry to extended leverage. There are around 20,000 health care professionals working out of which around 7000 doctors provides their service to private as well as government hospitals.

Dubai has always been focused on state of the art facility in medical industry. Dubai is now internationally recognized city for quality healthcare & integrated excellence for clinical services. But with all these development and changes in Dubai, do they really extend their hands to the public?

There have been cases of faulty operations, improper diagnosis & wrong treatments of doctors towards their patients. I know human makes mistakes but it’s serious if it can cost someone’s life… The T3 Technology & Media site live devices which are affordable only to grade A hospitals would have expensive Doctors as well. So to save Life, it’s now time to be broke because you are not going to afford that fee.

So what does Dubai give to common man?

So in that case only alternative to have benefit of the best medical facilities is to get required Medical Insurance to cover the expense of such facility at nominal fee of AED 25 – 5 0. But I am not talking in favour of Insurance Company. An Individual Medical Insurance coverage with the Best possible benefits costs around AED 4500/pa. For serious Medical Admission in hospital would cost you much much more than what you would be paying for whole year. But for some this amount is also not affordable to their pockets as it would be someone’s monthly salary in UAE.

So it that case is it only the play of riches? And the answer is No! & let me tell you why?

Immigration & Ministry of Labour has made Group Medical Insurance (GMI) mandatory for Free zone Companies. That’s the News! So cheer up… Majority of Companies in UAE are offshore companies. So to manage the workforce in the healthy manner, Quick Heal is the solution. Stronger & healthy employees would lead to stronger & healthier company. Value addition to your work force is an encouragement to push your company to success.

I know you seem to be confused? Let me give you an example.

Your Excellent Sales Person is in verge to close the Million Dollar Deal with the confirmed meeting to be held next day. And if he falls sick for couple of days, then what’s it that’s going to cost you? I know it’s really frustrating, even for a person like me. So investing in Group Medical Insurance just because it is mandatory by Government doesn’t make sense. GMI works & pushes two way process.

1. It benefits employee to work smoothly in an organization
2. It makes better impact on employees that they think company takes well care of you even at your sickness & difficulties.

So what’s going to happen? The employee is really going to work harder for you despite of his difficulties. Insuring your employees is not going to cost you much but going to gain you millions from your employees. So I believe Group Medical Insurance has overall all star benefit to the employers & its employees.

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