The world is on wheels, moving faster day by day even though it is always regular 24 hours for a day. We do not allocate time for outdoor activities as it used to be in the olden days. It has been suggested by doctors to insist 1 hour outdoor activity or exercise or sports for children. Practice makes it a habit. Encouraging family members to participate in games and sports are greater ways towards a healthy life.

There is lot of advantages because of outdoor sport activities like baseball, cricket, and basket ball. Regulates the body weight, healthy cholesterol rates, body mass index, healthy skin and lifestyle are primary benefits of encouraging sports in your family. You could avoid lot of medical expenses. Running regulates hear rate. Since it is an easy exercise, we do not need any accessories or equipments to practice it, running should be encouraged. Running is an integral part of all outdoor games. Example, in Baseball the players run to score. Games improve concentration, stamina, health of the individuals.

When practicing to become a sportsman, our eating habit automatically changes and all of sudden we start to choose healthy nutrient food over junks. Thus sports let you become healthier in all perception. Children learn a lot when elders are in good action rather than simply talking or preaching good. When elders workout on regular basis, then the children would learn quickly to get involved in more outdoor activities. Remember whichever sports you are involved in, do make sure you follow all the safety mechanisms. For Example, in the game of baseball gloves are important safety measure for hands. Play safe and Play Healthy.

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