How to Develop a Happy and Healthy Workplace


> Employees withhold 2/3 of what they are capable of contributing to a company in the form of talents, skills, experience, information and ideas.

>Workers can’t help but be indifferent and apathetic when they are pursuing someone else’s objectives. Ownership is the key to corporate success and constructive change.

>Trust employees with sensitive information. This doesn’t mean you share everything with them. It does mean that you keep them informed about what is going on and how it will effect them.

> Give the people you lead meaningful input into destiny decisions.

> If you are ever going to maximize corporate potential, you must do everything in your power to maximize human potential.

> Your workers are your business. When you eliminate people problems, your business is bound to improve.

> The chief task of a leader is to restore and maintain optimism, enthusiasm and morale.

> If your team mission statement is to be credible and relevant, its vision and values must be more than a framed statement on the wall. There must be a constant challenge to become what we collectively say we are.

> Who tells you honestly and openly what you need to know, but don’t want to hear? If the answer is ” No one” you are in trouble and so is your company, school, organization etc.

> If there is a problem ,ask for solutions. Listen carefully, apply the suggestions given and suspend your own judgment. You will be surprised how quickly and effectively the problem gets solved without your dominant input.

> If people are your greatest resource, then corporate behaviour must show it.

> Treat the people you work with the way you want to be treated.

> Mark Twain said that he could live contented for two months on one compliment. Compliment generously and genuinely.

> Never take credit for another’s idea.

> Never give out, “YOU ARE SPECIAL” buttons in an attempt to improve morale.

> Encourage the people you lead to ask, “WHY” questions. Don’t be threatened by them.


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