River Ranch Dog Food is made in the USA. At River Ranch they guarantee that their river dog food is the best food for your pet. This diet food for dogs is human quality.

It contains only human-grade, with all natural ingredients that are slowly oven baked under carefully controlled conditions, which easily digested, and has high degree of absorption of important vitamins and minerals. The River Ranch is so proud to have this quality dog food offering lots of advantages likely:

• This natural pet food is guaranteed 100% satisfactory that your doggie will really thrive on it.
• It’s an all natural pet food with human grade ingredients.
• It contains vitamin C, B-12, B and minerals and minerals like Zinc that are vital for your pet’s health.
• A balance diet is attained of protein, carbohydrates and fats are ensured when you buy this for your adoring dog.
• It is oven-baked twice for maximum nutrients absorption.
• A healthy pet food which is naturally complete and balance. It even exceeds the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient profiles.
• It is recommended by top vegetarians, trainers and breeders.
• Concentrated for efficient digestion: costs less to feed, less stool clean-up
• This product has no unhealthy fillers or by-products included.
• Even have no synthetic preservatives or color additives.
• Some dogs are suffering from allergies and the River Ranch company is the only company that has ever launched fish and chips in their food products.

Other good quality pet food brands include:

• Blue buffalo dog food
• Royal Canine
• Organix
• Timberwolf
• Life’s Abundance
• Avoderm
• Pro Plan
• Diamond
• Alpo
• Artemis

These are all good quality dog food but River Ranch dog food provides all the necessities so your dog will be fit and strong.

• Protein (min.) 32.00%
• Fat 20.00%
• Fiber 3.00%
• Top listed ingredients: chicken meal, ground yellow corn, lamb meal, corn gluten meal, poultry fat
• Oven-baked as opposed to extrusion
• Low magnesium and ash to promote low urinary pH

• Sold only through distributors
• High carbohydrate content (corn)

• This product provides all the nutritional needs in a unique shape dogs would really like.

So be your dog’s best friend and feed only River Ranch. The best pet food if your concern about the health of all dogs. This quality food for dogs can be ordered online and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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