Things You Need to Know About Angel Numbers


How often does it happen in your life that you see the same time on the clock or an unusual sequence of numbers? Experts call this phenomenon angelic numerology. You know the meaning of these numbers will help you determine any event in life or even predict what will happen in the future.

How Does Number Numerology Help in Our Lives?

Angelic numerology is quite exciting and a new direction in the field of psychological sciences. Psychologist Doreen Virtue tells us that angels can send us some signs in the form of symbols, letters, and numbers. With these same messages, people can receive secret messages from the forces above. It happens that a person can catch the eye of the exact numbers. They can appear everywhere: on watches, documents, buildings, or car numbers. At the sight of these numbers, a person begins to wonder if this is a sign from above. Is the angel trying to warn you about something, or is it trying to set you on the right path?

The numbers in a person’s environment can affect his life and serve as a tool for connecting two worlds, human and higher forces. To understand the angels’ clues, you must be careful and focus on which numbers you come across most often. But there is no need to focus on any numbers you see and stare at them pointlessly. 

Let’s say you are walking down the street and see the number 3 on the house, then going around the corner of the house, you see a passing car with the number 3, and then after watching the clock, you see the number 3. This may signify higher powers, and you need to determine the ​numerical values you have seen.

The Meaning of Angel Numbers in Numerology

There are many ways to see the numerical messages from an angel, but you also need to read them to use them.

Mirrored numbers of angels:

This is if some part of the number mirrors another. For example, if on the clock you saw 12.21 or 10.01. The same with the day of the month, 03.30 or 01.10.

  • 01.10 or 10.01this means that your desires and plans may begin to come true in the near future. Think only about the good; there is no need to focus on the bad, as your angel will help you overcome all the bad moments if you ask it to;
  • 02.20 or 20.02 For a couple of months, everything will turn out well for you;
  • 03.30 Higher powers will support your undertakings and aspirations;
  • 04.40 The angel will help you fulfill your desires, protecting you from negativity.
  • 05.50 Difficult changes are coming, but they will improve your life. To easily pass through them, ask the angel for help through prayer.

Double numbers of angels:

When numbers are repeated a couple of times, for example, 03.03 or 10.10

  • 01.01 In the current life situation, you need to be able to be an Optimist, and the angel will help you with this
  • 02.02 With the help of an angel who will eliminate the problems, your deeds will succeed;
  • 03.03 The angel does not cope with its duties and will ask God for help, and this will help your life’s failures to pass as soon as possible;
  • 04.04 Make a wish that will come true in a couple of weeks. The main thing is not to associate this wish with material values;
  • 05.05 Soon, your life changes will begin, in which you need to intervene. They will help you financially but damage your mental health.

Knowing the numerical conversions of angels. You can not only know your future but also prevent impending failure. Although these numbers will not always prevent failure, they will notify you of it. So you will be ready to face one problem or another. 

Share your knowledge in angel numbers. What is your favorite number? What cases have you had?


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