Proper balance diet especially for children is very important nowadays. Creating good and proper eating habits from birth of a child is essential to the health of the child. They say that the parents have the biggest role in shaping the habits of the child especially in eating and it is true indeed. What the child sees you eating, they will eventually eat what you eat but it will still require a number of tries before they will follow.

Patience for parents must be a virtue here. With parent’s activities with their kids at home after every meal like walking, or any activities instead of just sitting and watching television can have a great effect on their physical activities and they begin to think that being dynamic is fun. In most cases, parents are always away because of work so they leave their child in some nanny. As parents, they should still make sure to it that the nannies are always giving their children the proper balanced meals and snacks as well as proper and enough play time. If a child is in school, be sure to make him/her a pack lunch with variety of foods which is nutritious.

Children are not spared with the different television commercials since most of them are targeting children. For example, advertisements about junk foods and other foods that has preservatives more likely to attract the children which made them think to try this without their parents knowing it. But still, with parents enlightening them to be aware of this media influences, the children are more prone to make healthy choices outside the home.

There are lots of important ideas that parents must learn in order to give their children the well balanced diet that they needed. Eating breakfast is very important to a child since it provides the energy that they need in the house and in school. Parents must give their children variety of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits and any low fat foods and meats. Parents must not just parents but also good role models especially in the health aspects of their children. Be involved in physical activities like walking, biking, or even running with your children. Lastly, exactly not the least, teach them to be active every day. If you see your child being physically active and having fun, they are more likely to be active all over their lives. We must always remember that “health is wealth”.

These helpful tips are just few of the many ideas that we must put into consideration when raising an active and healthy child.

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