What Is The Difference Between A Staffing Agency And A Temp Agency?

What Is The Difference Between A Staffing Agency And A Temp Agency?

There are times when power is scarce and there are times when it’s overloaded. With this issue companies tend to find it difficult to let go of employees or hire employees. Staffing agencies and temp agencies were created to aid business owners in hiring and staffing their company or business properly and avoid inconveniences in checking each profile of applicants. Now let’s take a look at What is the difference between a staffing agency and a temp agency?

What Do Staffing Agencies Do?

Before we point out the differences between staffing agency and temp agency, let’s see what staffing agencies does:

  • Staffing agencies are responsible for hiring and firing workers for their clients. Clients are anyone who hires their service to do the staffing for their company’s needs for workers. 
  • Staffing agencies will be responsible for paying taxes, medicare and other benefits of the employee. 
  • Staffing agencies will be the one to handle salaries to the workers they hired for the company or business. 
  • Staffing agencies will determine the length of contract and the schedule of the workers. 
  • Staffing agencies basically act as the employer of the workers they hire for the companies or business owners. 

What Is A Temp Agency Considered?

Temp agencies also hire and fire people for their clients.It is called temp agency since they hire people for short term job opportunities which means they only work as temporary workers. They offer work according to the following:

  • Seasonal Hiring 

There are seasons where more workers are needed due to the flock of customers such as in retail stores and food chains. In this season they need more workers to be able to meet the demands of the customers. 

  • They Hire By Skillset or Experience 

Some companies hire people for a short period of time such as project managers for example. Project managers are given deadlines to work on a project , 6 months for instance. The temp agency can provide these kinds of workers to their clients.  

Is A Staffing Agency The Same As A Temp Agency?

They are almost the same when it comes to how they function. Both have the same pattern of how they hire people, they act as the employer of the ones they hire and just send them to the clients who need workers. 

Main Differences Of  Staffing Agency And A Temp Agency

  • Long Term Work Vs. Temporary Work

Staffing agencies may offer temporary work just like temp agencies, but they offer more job opportunities and these jobs have the possibility to turn to contractual positions which means jobs will be longer and can even result in being directly hired by the company or business owner. Staffing agencies partner with a wide variety of industries such as administrative, engineering, technical and management. 

Temp agencies on the other hand only hires workers for  a short time, length of work may vary from one day to a week. They work mostly with manufacturing or warehouse companies, that’s why most jobs they can offer can only last for a short period of time or seasonal. 

  • Right Fit Vs. Immediate Employment

Staffing agencies focus on the qualifications of their applicants when it comes to hiring people, they want someone who can be able to provide the needs of their clients and is capable of working for a longer period with the company. They interview their applicant in depth and the hiring process can be longer.

Temp agencies on the other hand focus on hiring people immediately and don’t go through qualifications of their applicants as long as they are ready to work as soon  as possible.

Is It Good To Get A Job Through A Staffing Agency?

Basically working through a staffing agency can be more convenient than doing everything on your own. Here are some benefits you can get when up you opt to be under staffing agency:

  • Saves Time

Instead of going from one office to another or submitting your credentials one by one to potential employers, you can just trust your credentials with a staffing agency, and they will look for a job for you.

  • No Commitment 

Working with a staffing agency will not mandate you to work for a company for a very long time. It may be possible but for the first jobs, you will only work for a short span of time and if you think that the work is not for you then  you can just finish your assignment. 

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