5 Essential Tech Tools For Seniors

5 Essential Tech Tools For Seniors

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More older adults are embracing technology. According to a  Pew Research Center report, 58% of seniors 65 years and above use the internet today. Technology enables seniors to combat loneliness and improve physical and mental health. It also allows them to live independently while keeping in touch with their long-distance loved ones. Read on for five essential tech tools for older adults’ everyday use.

1.   Wearable fitness devices

Fitness monitors like FitBit enable you to lead a healthy life. They track your day-to-day activities and sleep to ascertain that you engage in enough exercise. This helps you combat medical conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes.

You could wear your fitness device on your wrist like a lifeline pendant or a watch to monitor your heart rate, daily steps, sleeping schedule, and pattern, and the number of calories burned every day. This gives you the motivation to reach your fitness goals fast. Consider setting up a challenge with family or friends in your senior independent living facility to determine who can get their fitness target first.

2.   Medication monitors

Senior adults fill nine to 13 medication prescriptions annually. These prescriptions can be challenging to manage, especially when you opt to stay at home instead of moving into an assisted living facility, so you should consider investing in medication monitors. A medication reminder system enables you to track your prescription schedule. It will alert you when it is time to take your dose and repeat the alarm if you fail to take medicine within a specified time frame.

If more time passes without taking your medication, the device will even contact your primary caregiver. Some medication systems are equipped with medical alert systems that leverage mobile phone technology, enabling them to call your family member or friend first, then an emergency response team in case of medication errors.

3.   Video call applications

Whether staying at home or living in a retirement community, keeping in touch with your loved ones is challenging, more so when they live far away. Leverage video call applications like Facetime, Zoom, and Skype to supplement in-person interactions.

4.   GPS devices

If you have recently moved to a new city after retirement, investing in a Global Positioning System(GPS) tool can help you navigate your new location. A GPS tracker also gives your family and friends peace of mind as they can track your whereabouts at any given time. You could invest in a wearable GPS that can be worn on your wrists or synched to your smartphone to enable your loved ones to stay apprised of your movements.\

5.   Wearable sensors


Make connecting with your loved ones, staying fit, managing your medication, and maintaining your safety more manageable by investing in the above essential tech tools for seniors.

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