A Low Fat Curry Recipe Using Curry Oxo Cubes


Are you looking for a low-fat curry recipe using curry Oxo cubes? If so, then help is at hand. I have become somewhat of an expert on low-fat simple meals using Oxo cubes, using Curry, Chicken and Beef cubes you can make simple healthy meals in minutes.

The great thing about using Oxo cubes to add a little extra spice and flavor to your meals, is that they are very affordable and very easy to use. Many people think low-fat meals have to be boring, or take a long time to make, but that is simply not true. The easy meal I am going to show you below, is not only very quick to make, low in fat, but it has also helped me lose 20 pounds in only several months. If you are also looking at meals that can help you lose weight fast, then this is one of them.

The ingredients you are going to need to make this simple, low-fat curry recipe using curry Oxo cubes.

3-4 Chicken breasts

Olive oil or low-fat spray for frying

1 Chopped onion

250 ml of natural yogurt

2-3 Curry Oxo cubes depending on how spicy you like your curry.

How to make this healthy chicken curry.

Fry the chicken and onion, in a little olive oil or low-fat frying spray until golden and soft. Leave over a very small heat, while you make the chicken curry sauce. Mix 2 to 3 Oxo Curry cubes depending on how hot you like your curry, with the 250 ml of natural yogurt.

When the chicken and onion is completely cooked and no juices remain, you can simply add the yogurt curry sauce to the chicken, stir and the serve immediately. I find if you leave the yogurt curry sauce on the heat, it will lose the thickness, and turn very watery.

You can also add sweet potatoes to this recipe too, and these are also very healthy and great for helping you lose weight. 1 to 2 large sweet potatoes can be peeled, cut into small cubes and then boiled for 10 to 15 minutes until soft. You then simply add them to the mixture at the end, for a great extra health kick.

As you can see, this low-fat curry recipe using curry Oxo cubes is very easy to make, is extremely low in fat and is great for the whole family to eat. I serve this creamy chicken curry recipe to my children over rice, and they love it too, and they have no idea how good it is for their health.

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