An Alternative To The GP And A Business For You

An Alternative To The GP And A Business For You

Why is it that many people are fed up with their GP and the ‘service’ provided at their surgery?
Once when you went to the doctor you could explain your complaint and the doctor would listen carefully, make reassuring noises and then tell you what was thought to be the matter. You’d leave with buy tramadol a prescription and even before you started taking any medication, you’d feel better.
The overwhelming feeling that many people now have is that the patient/doctor relationship has changed, but not in a good way for the patient.

Now the doctor rarely looks you in the eye because he/she is looking at a computer screen. Your details and what you say is wrong with online pharmacy uk you are typed into the computer and out pops a prescription. You may as well have a robot at home and save yourself the bother and inconvenience of going to the surgery. Any pretence at friendliness and giving the patient a bit of comfort, which used to be one of the most important features of visiting the doctor, have now been relegated to the distant past!

Add this to the ‘advice’ given to patients that they should only mention one or two symptoms per visit. If patients have more symptoms that they ‘think might be important’ then they should make another appointment to discuss these! After in some cases waiting a week for an appointment and then at least 30 minutes waiting in the surgery, this becomes very frustrating.

Now, of course, it has to be said that the above scenario is not typical of every surgery throughout the land, but unfortunately it is the experience of a growing number of people.
Research undertaken at a Northern teaching hospital found that doctors make an accurate diagnosis just 50% of the time. In other words they can actually just as easily get it wrong as right. The research also used a comparison group of ordinary people giving their diagnosis. You’ve guessed it, the results were exactly the same, a 50% accuracy rate.

Yes, doctors do undergo a lot of training, but it seems that all that education does not improve their ability to make an accurate diagnosis any better than the person with no training at all! It simply provides the right to prescribe drugs and order tests.
A growing number of people are turning to the internet or alternative medicine because primary, so-called, ‘care’ is so poor! Rude receptionists, noisy, crowded and definitely unhealthy waiting areas and long waiting times for just a few minutes of rushed time with the doctor are not what ill patients really need.
Now this is where you can come to people’s aid.

It is now possible to go online and fill in a simple questionnaire about your symptoms and background, all in the privacy of your own home. It can be done whenever you decide to and a real doctor will review your case and recommend a course of action. You can take it or not, it’s up to you.

If you decide that you would like to take the doctor’s advice and purchase the medicine, a prescription is filled out, sent to a Genuine Pharmacy and the medicine is sent to you, post free and in a plain envelope.
Any and all embarrassment about the details of the person’s complaint is eliminated. The whole process is quick, easy and confidential, with no time-wasting or the possibility of any cross-infection by other people’s complaints.
So where do you fit in?
Promote this online process and work with some of the best Pharmacies worldwide, while building an excellent full or part-time business