Bringing About Revolutionary Changes in the Health Sector 


Healthcare has historically, and is still, been predominantly managed as a company with profits that prioritize quantity above quality. This focus will shift to a plan focused on the patient and quality rather than quantity as healthcare politics and views change and technology advances. The use of health technology will be crucial in this transition; with the growth in the process, a certain level of change is also needed in the leadership to be utilized as the first steps toward improvement and innovation, which tends to come from anywhere and at different levels within an organization. 

Innovation is a necessity for healthcare and in the future, especially if we consider the growing demands on the healthcare system that are being driven by the changes in patients’ needs. To incorporate the changes, the individuals and teams need to focus on their creativity and nurture their mindset to enable innovation in their work – driving their professional capabilities to their full potential. This also helps them to apply the core business principles to their work, leading to the development of new inventions, products, or services into commercially viable medical innovations that can change the way of the healthcare industry forever. 

Fortunately, the ideal leadership towards implementing innovation in healthcare has already started to become a widespread idea among the people. Individuals like LaMar Hasbrouck are some of the few leading professionals in the health industry. They have brought much value in improving life expectancy and quality of life. From assisting many fortune 500 companies by consulting on issues related to safely returning during the pandemic to recognizing the need to better inform the public, he penned COVID Bytes: Naked Musings of a Disease Detective (2022), which decoded the health risks and the public health response to combat them. 

LaMar Hasbrouck, a highly acclaimed physician, and a CDC-trained medical epidemiologist, serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the department of public health in the second largest U.S. County, Cook County, Illinois. He is a public health leader many people look up to. He was also the former Illinois Department of Public Health Director. Therefrom 2012 to 2015, he remained a member of the Governor’s Health Innovation and Transformation team responsible for implementing the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicaid coverage, and various other reforms throughout the state. 

Over the years of his career, Hasbrouck was a part of several achievements. In 2007, he was chosen as the CDC’s Chief of Party in Guyana, South America. He directed the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program and oversaw the National Public Health Reference Laboratory’s completion while serving as a diplomat at the U.S. embassy. As a result, he was able to assist in organizing the USS Kearsarge’s mission of humanitarian and civic aid during Operation Continuing Promise in 2008.

Being the best in his field, Hasbrouck believes that good leaders are good strategists and great communicators, and he strives to be both!

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