Chalories and High Food Chalories For Your Diet


We often did not care about what will affect our lives in the future. We do what we think can make us happy. Foods with high cholesterol levels can give your tongue “happy” but nothing more than that. I think everyone should think before eat anything. It is very important to everyone.

We often said “cholesterol” is dangerous for everyone. But do you know what the definition of “cholesterol”? Cholesterol is a lipid covering each of our cells. When you eat too much high-cholesterol foods, you will become more vulnerable to diseases. You need cholesterol but too much cholesterol means you will die faster. So you need to be careful with what you eat every day, it is very important to know what is healthy and what is not.

To get the best result, you should talk with a doctor near you about cholesterol in your body. Check the cholesterol in your body, then you will know what you need to for your health. After checked your cholesterol, you should know about lipoproteins. Lipoprotein is important for your health because they are cholesterol carriers. They are the controller.

After you checked your lipoprotein, you will know if your lipoprotein is “high density” or “low density”. “High Density” Lipoprotein is important for you because it means lipoproteins are the cholesterol carriers which can keep your cholesterol to stay away from your important cells and liver. The “Low Density” Lipoprotein means your cholesterol is too much and those cholesterols can turn your body more vulnerable to heart attack and another kinds of disease.

Humans are different each other. You and I have different body and different cholesterol standard level. Most people said if your cholesterol level is around 4.0 mmol/l ,it means you are safe from diseases. But it is important to know your lipoprotein, it is “high density” or “low density”? Your cholesterol standar level is different if your lipoprotein categorized as “low density” lipoprotein.

Most important and most simple things to say about diet plans is: “You need to eat healthy foods”. Yes, it is easy to say but sometimes hard to practice but healthy foods can control your cholesterol. So it is very important to know more about healthy foods and eat them.

To get your cholesterol level lower than ever, you should take exercises routinely and stop eat high-cholesterol foods. You will also need a weight loss pill to help you achieve your goals faster, but remember, everything require time and patience.

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