Good health is essential for a proper lifestyle. This can basically be achieved by the consumption of healthy foods. The body needs particular foods for its growth, immunity and repair. Examples of the healthy foods include apples, sweet potatoes, almonds, broccoli, oat meal, oil fish, blue berries, avocados and green vegetables that are leafy.

Let’s take the apples for a start. These fruits have antioxidants that play an important role of eliminating chemicals released in the body which result in early aging and particular diseases. Apples combat free radicals that trigger undesirable changes in the body. They also lower chances of heart diseases in adult females by about 8%.

Almonds on the other hand are rich in nutrients such as magnesium, iron, fiber, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin E. Almonds have a 91-94% unsaturated fatty acid profile which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Moreover, almonds have the highest fiber content when compared to any other tree nut.

Broccoli is rich in sulforphane and the enzyme myrosinase that minimize the risk of cancer development. Broccoli should be lightly steamed to reduce the destruction of the enzyme myrosinase. Phytonutrients present in broccoli reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Other essential components in broccoli are the antioxidant beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C and folate.

Blueberries have a significant nutritional value. They help reduce the development of diseases such as adipogenesis hypertension and cognitive decline in elderly. Hypertension is controlled by anthocyanins in the berries. Blueberries reduce chances of obesity by controlling the body weight. Intestinal diseases and hardening of arteries are reduced by blueberry consumption.

Oil fish plays a significant role in the nervous system as well as the heart. Arthritis, an inflammatory condition in particular patients, is reduced by oil fish. Moreover, vitamins A and D are obtainable in oil fish. The sole source of oil fish can be in trout, salmon, and mackerel which have it in their gut and tissues. Omega-3 fatty acids are specifically found in lean fillets.

Dark-leafy vegetables like spinach often lower the risk of developing diabetes type 2 when taken in large quantities. Lightly steamed spinach has high antioxidants content. The leafy vegetables are a good source phosphorus, zinc, iron, selenium, potassium manganese niacin, copper, calcium, folic acid, vitamins A, B6, C, E and K.

On the other hand the case for sweet potatoes that contain high content of dietary fiber for proper digestion. They have also other essential nutrients such as beta vitamin C, yellow and pink carotene, complex carbohydrates and vitamin B6. They are mover preferred when compared to other foods.

Ground oat porridge is the sole source of oatmeal. Regular consumption of oatmeal helps in reducing high levels of blood cholesterol. This is because it contains high content of soluble fiber. When oat foods are taken with foods having a low diet, they provide cardiovascular heart benefits. Oats slow down digestion with the help of water-soluble fiber.

Finally, healthy foods are summarized by avocados which help in prevention of oral cancer. They not only stop cells of oral cancer but they also kill some pre-cancerous cells. The levels of cholesterol in blood can be reduced by regular consumption of avocados. Avocado also contains high insoluble fiber and vitamins B, K and E.

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