Healthy Meal Recipes – Let’s Enjoy a Healthier Dinner


It matters little that whether you are cooking for your family or for a get together, all you want while you cook is a sign of pleasure on each face as they are finished with their lunch or dinner. For that you surely need some assistance and this is what makes healthy meal recipes so very important. You get some great ideas about some delicious dishes that can be cooked quickly and served fast.

Here’s a healthy meal recipe that is easy to cook and sweet to eat.

It takes only 30 minutes with no added sugar and is low in calories.

Mixed berries and Semolina pudding

o 1 | milk
o A pinch of salt
o 150 g semolina
o 20 g butter
o 2 eggs, separated
o 20 g extra cold butter
o 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
o 750 g berry mix (frozen)

(1) Boil the milk after adding salt and butter to it.

(2) As the milk starts heating up, cook the fruit according to the instruction cited on the package.

(3) Stir the semolina as the milk starts boiling. Trim down the heat slowly to allow it to simmer for around 10 minutes. The mixture turns thick gradually. Keep stirring to avoid burning.

(4) Include the left over butter and little beaten egg yolks. Add cinnamon also to the pudding. Mix it well, beat the egg whites to stiff, and then cautiously place them under the pudding. Mix some of the fruits, spread berries on the top for decoration, add a bit of cinnamon and it’s ready to serve.

With the economic slow down of recent times eating out all the time is getting difficult for most of us. Moreover, foods containing high calorie, fat and sodium or meals packed, boxed, or frozen for a long time are giving real tough time to many of us. Easy healthy meal recipes offer you a scope to enjoy fast flavorsome meals at home.

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