How much food should I feed my dog? How to keep your pup healthy.

So you have arrive property from the shelter with a new puppy — or perhaps a scruffy, outdated pet dog showed up on your doorstep. Nonetheless you finished up with this four-legged buddy, how to feed and take care of it properly is possible 1 of the to start with matters on your intellect.

According to Wag, your doggy could encounter avoidable weight decline, lower energy, diet-related health-related disorders and even loss of life if you’re not feeding it sufficient foodstuff.

On the other hand, Born Free Pet Food claims overfeeding your pet dog can direct to weight problems, which is connected to coronary heart and respiratory problems, as very well as a shorter everyday living — not to point out the cash you’d be squandering on all that extra kibble.

How considerably need to I feed my doggy?

All pet dogs are diverse, but the finest exercise is to simply abide by the instructions on your pet food items bag.