Humanscale, Allsteel, and Herman Miller are Office Chair Leaders in Ergonomic Design


There are several leaders in the race for the perfect design, function and appearance of an ergonomic chair. The top designers of ergonomic chairs such as Humanscale, Allsteel and Herman Miller are at the top of their game now that ergonomics have become so important to both the workers and the employers.

High end ergonomic office chairs are similar in appearance but each has design features and unique elements to add to the ergonomic functionality. Each designer has added several mechanisms to help the body with better positioning and set it aside from the others.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair, Allsteel’s #19 Mesh Chair and the Herman Miller Aeron Chair are terrific examples of good ergonomic design and style. These chairs all move with your body while also helping to promote healthy body positioning. They have won countless design awards and can also be found online with custom ordering options, making shopping for ergonomic chairs a breeze.

According to the search engine analyzers, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the most specifically searched for Office Chair model. With both mesh style seating and ergonomics gaining such poularity in the last few years, the Aeron chair is having tremendous amounts of success.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair features breathable mesh material for the free flow of air to the skin, similar to how lace or window screens allow the air flow to move, keeping the body at a comfortable temperature. The Aeron model also features PostureFit, providing lower back support below the beltline for amazingly healthy posture and body position.

Humanscale is most well know for it’s Freedom Chair product line, winning several design and functionality awards. Offering a wide variety of customized features such as fabric color and type, frame color, headrest and gel cushioning, the Freedom chair is suited exactly to the user’s tastes.

The Freedom Chair model features an intelligent counter balance mechanism to provide support through the full reclining motion specific to the user’s size and weight. With one time adjustment and no further need for manual controls, the Freedom chair maximizes the natural movement of your body, promoting a healthy body posture and is the author’s pick for most comfortable chair.

The Allsteel #19 has not only a unique name for an office chair but also many completely original features in ergonomic design. Using mostly recycled materials in the making of this chair, Allsteel is looking out for the environment as well.

The #19 features a back-to-seat ratio that maximizes blood circulation and prevents muscle strain to add to the user’s comfortability. It also has a foam, technogel and tria compliant upholstery that creates a breathable seat and real comfort ability cushioning.

These chairs are all custom ordered from the manufacturer with your own choice of features making these chairs truly fit to your body type and style needs. Each of these manufacturers makes an outstanding ergonomic chair, now is the time to choose which one is right for you.

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