Paxos & Villas for a Tranquil Holiday With Olive Grove Surroundings


The beauty of Paxos is hard to explore through words. You cannot describe the scenic beauty of this island without planning the trip to this Greek Island. The smallest Island of Ionian Islands has become the favorite destination of tourists who love to spend their time in tranquility. You have several breathtaking views which can bring you out from the hustle-bustle of urban life. Stroll on the white shingle beaches, gazing at picturesque landscapes, feel the serenity of calm sea water, and amble around the olive groves; are just fantabulous.

But what, if you need a place to stay with comfort, where you can’t feel isolated from the nature’s beautiful surroundings and can enjoy the peaceful life as well. Paxos can also make the desire of such a tranquil place possible with its villa culture. You will hardly find hotels and resorts in this Island. Tourists also prefer to book villas and houses instead of hotels to enjoy the vacation at best in serenity. And the best part of these rentals; they can enrich your experience with Greek cultural characteristics.

Local properties have a very good value in Paxos!

They are also perched at very attention-grabbing locations. Almost every villa house is positioned near beaches or generally need 15 minutes of walk from villages to reach at. You can also please your eyes, seeing the aura of beach right from your rented place. Terrace, garden, and kitchen are a few amenities. You can feel the Greek culture through exterior and interior of these rentals.

These villa apartments are furnished and decorated traditionally with wooden beams, local stones etc. White washed walls, traditional stoneware, stone flooring, and lots of other Greek touch can be found in these accommodations. You can enjoy the self-made food, and can also go outside for dinner as these places are very close from the beaches. So, you can enjoy the food at Taverna nearby your stay.

You can also enjoy strolling through olive groves as these accommodations have olive grove surrounding. You can spend quality time and enjoy the beautiful view right from your rented place’s garden, because the location of almost every villa house is very close to the beaches. You can also find the same serenity of beaches while relaxing at your rentals as they are engineered with keeping the visitors’ comfort in mind.

Why don’t you plan a trip to this Island, where you can find peace of mind?

One of the reasons of this peaceful and restful life over here is the transportation. There is no airport; you will have to come by ferry from Corfu. And, the population of this Island is just about 2500 who live in its three main villages – Loggos, Lakka and Gaios. Hence, selective crowd of tourists makes this place their destination for vacation.

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