The Best Breweries Near Me Also Show Movies


American consumers are constantly raising the bar on the services and products they are willing to spend their hard earned cash on. Meanwhile, the craft beer craze continues to grow as newer and more innovative brews are created and made wildly popular. Local brew houses and craft beers are quickly gaining in popularity and-when combined as one industry- are beginning to seriously compete with big name brands. But, were you aware that some of the best breweries for local craft beer also actually show movies in a theater as well? If you are wondering, “where are the best breweries near me?”- read on.

1. Craft Beers

Come for the beers and stay for the films or vice versa. Either way a cinema brewery offers a great place to relax and enjoy some great craft beers made locally. They can be enjoyed before, after, or even during the film of your choice. There are many styles and brew types to enjoy:

· Wheat beers- Spiced with coriander and citrus

· Ales- A dark amber ale perfectly suited for pairing with food as well as a golden ale.

· IPA- India Pale Ales are some of the most popular beers currently, especially for craft breweries

· Stouts- For those who enjoy thick malty and creamy beers that are full bodied.

2. Food/Service

At a cinema brewery you can not only enjoy a new release of a special event film, but you can have amazing food served right to you while you do it. Serving classic American style cuisine such as sandwiches, burgers, and chicken fingers, you can also eat in a more health conscious manner enjoying salads or a healthy wrap. Of course no dinner is complete without dessert as well. Pair with the craft beer of your choice and a new release and you have a recipe for a fun and fulfilling evening with your date or loved ones.

3. New releases and events

With summer right around the corner, there will be plenty of new releases and anticipated films coming out. The best theaters from all across the country will be screening the newest action films, dramas, and comic book based movies. It is up to you if you want to enjoy them while also enjoying locally brewed craft beers. Perfect for date night movies you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a fun filled evening of dinner and a movie altogether in one experience.

For your next date or weekend outing with your significant other, check out a movie and enjoy some craft beer.

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