Dr. Hulda R. Clark has done a very unusual thing with her invention for the zapper. She has given it away! You can get the plans and instructions on how to build it and use it for under $60.00. It’s in her book the Cure For All Diseases.

Dr. Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for All Cancers, and The Cure For All Diseases, and many other books is a physiologist, cancer researcher, naturopath and amateur ham radio enthusiast. Her varied interests led her to some very unique research in the area of disease and health. She has been involved in extensive research with herbal treatments, creating a very effective herbal kidney cleanse that eliminates eight different kinds of kidney stones and a liver cleanse that only requies a couple of days to do and effectively eliminates gall stones and allergies, excess weight, low back and shoulder pain, tennis elbow and other liver ailments.

In the process of Dr. Clark’s research she developed an electronic resonant testing machine called a Syncrometer™. This machine is used to test for the existence of any substance in the body. It works by placing a sample of the substance on one plate, and checking for resonance in the body when the plate is electrically connected to the substance.

With this machine, the synchrometer, one can scan for various substances. What was interesting about her results was that she kept finding the same substances in clients with similar diseases. For example, Dr. Hulda Clark found isopropyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in all of her clients with Cancer. In diabetics, Dr. Clark found the cattle pancreatic fluke in the pancreas and the presence of wood alcohol. Dr. Clark repeatedly found the presence of benzene and the intestinal fluke in the thymus with clients reported to have AIDS.

The more research she did, the clearer the relationship between parasites and disease became. This relationship is evident in, acne, ALS, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, colitis, Crohn’s disease, eczema, endometriosis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, seizures, herpes and more.

At first, Hulda worked with specific frequencies to eliminate each parasite individually. This process of jumping from one frequency to the next was difficult and time consuming. So, Dr. Clark and her son Geoff while working to develop a machine that would eliminate the Human Intestinal Fluke parasite quickly and painlessly discovered a frequency generation device that seemed to eliminate virtually every other parasite, virus, bacteria, mold, and fungi after only 7 minutes. This is the Zapper. Dr. Clark found that this divise eliminated all of these invading organisms at the same time, independent of the parasite’s specific frequency while not adversely affecting adults, children or pets she tested.

It is her son Geoff, who used his technical abilities to design and build a hand-held, battery-operated model of the powerful frequency generator. You can see this and more information by going to www.drclarkuniversity.org [http://www.drclarkuniversity.org] or www.drhuldaclark.org

Hulda Clark continues her Synchrometer™ research, traveling around the world giving lectures and demonstrations, and has recently published numerous additional books all of which can be found at www.drclarkuniversity.org

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