Theme Restaurants Mushrooming In Every City


Given the plethora of options available today in terms of dining options, attracting customers to your restaurant and keeping them hooked and coming back, is a tad bit difficult, if you are not creative enough. The customers today are spoiled for choice. Restaurant owners go out of their way to make the dining experience of their clients exceptional. To this end, they create the perfect dishes, ambiance, and themes to lure the customers to their restaurants.

A number of theme restaurants have mushroomed all over the world owing to the growing popularity of this concept. Be it London, or New York, or even New Delhi, themed restaurants are everywhere. Some of the most popular themes for the restaurants include:

1) The Arabic Theme Restaurant:
Live belly dancers, waiters dressed in traditional attire, Arabic music, authentic cuisines etc. are some of the features of Arabic restaurants. These restaurants provide various regional cuisines from all around the Arabic world. Most of the popular dishes are made from lamb, chicken, fresh fruit platters, hummus, salad, Middle Eastern desserts etc. There are many famous Arabic restaurants all around the world offering an unforgettable experience to everyone. Al Khayma is one such lavish restaurant in Essex, UK that is highly praised for its authentic Arabic food and Ambiance and is visited by people from all over.

2) The Punjabi Theme Restaurant:
Punjabi food is very well recognized all around the world as a sumptuous retreat combined with rich flavors. Punjabi restaurants are very popular in many countries. Enormous variety of mouth watering dishes served in a traditional Punjabi manner along with lively music gives a glimpse of India and its rich cultures. Some of the popular dishes include Kebabs, roasted chicken, soups, different types of breads, salads etc.

3) The Chinese Theme Restaurant:
Red tablecloths, paper lanterns, chopsticks, stuffed pandas, figures of dragons and bamboo made decorative elements along with a traditional lion dance provide perfect glimpse of Chinese restaurants. Dining out at a Chinese place is always entertaining; it’s a rich culture, popular around the world for its variety of appetizers, such as dim sums along with classic dishes such as a Peking duck or a whole fish ensure a remarkable experience.

4) The Italian Theme Restaurant:
The red, white, and green pennant banners along with the statues of grapevines or of major Italian tourist attractions, the Italian restaurants are decorated in a way to give a homely, cluttered and welcoming feel to the people. Italian cuisines have variety of pizzas, spaghetti, pasta items to offer along with different liquors and candied fruits.

Theme restaurants can be a great experience for both the children and the adults. So make your dining a special and fun filled experience by visiting one such theme restaurant at a nearby place.

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