Modern ergonomics is a branch of science that studies how the body works and functions and then attempts to fit the workplace environment around the natural human movements of the body. This branch of science has particularly become influential since the mid ’70’s and continues to influence the manufacturing design of many types of furniture. Office furniture designs are especially influenced by the science of ergonomics even though there are more and more home furniture designs that are influenced as well.

Office furniture that is ergonomically designed helps provide a better workplace for those who perform a variety of tasks. One of the most common areas in the office that ergonomics has influenced is where computer tasks are performed. After many studies and research reports, ergonomically designed chairs, workstations and desks have shown to improve worker performance and to significantly help avoid workplace injuries such as repetitive movement injuries.

Workers that sit at a desk performing functions in front of a computer screen for hours on end tend to develop carpal tunnel, lumbar injuries and neck or back injuries. Sometimes the hips and other joints are affected as well and workers can develop serious pain and sometimes permanent skeletal damage. Ergonomically designed furniture is built to provide the most user friendly workstations available which helps to alleviate many health problems. Ergonomic chairs are designed to be adjustable in almost every functioning part and there is additional lumbar support as well as shoulder and neck support.

Furniture such as desks and other workstations are built so that humans can more easily function in the way that their bodies are meant to move. Designs for keyboards, keyboard trays, mouse set-ups and a plethora of other products are ergonomically built to help workers remain comfortable, safe and less stressed. Ergonomics has influenced the way workplaces are set up and companies are finding that when they use many of these designs for their workers, they see less workplace injuries. Ergonomics is a science whose time has come in this progressive age of the technological workplace.

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