Get Healthy – Stay Healthy – Live Longer


It is no secret that the baby boomers are concerned about health and longevity, and the health and wellness industry is now big business. It seems that new information and health products can be found daily, whether on the Internet, or the national news.

All one need do is sit in front of the television for a few minutes, and a bombardment of health product related commercials come dancing across the screen. But, how does one sift through all of this informational over-load to find the health products that really work, without spending every last dollar? After all, every manufacturer proclaims that their product is the be all, end all in health.

There is no question that everyone needs some form of nutritional supplementation in their diet. Research shows that even if one could eat all of the right foods, because of the depletion of minerals from the soil that food is grown in, there is no way that food alone can provide the nutrition needed to stay healthy. Supplementation is now a requirement to maintain a healthy status.

There are literally thousands of heath products on the market today, which can be purchased to supplement one’s diet; however, not all of them are wholesome, or complete. This means that there is risk involved in choosing what’s right for the individual. Not to mention that the cost, in dollars, involved can be quite high as well. How many people do you know that have a cabinet full of supplements?

There are health drinks and powders, pills and such available everywhere. Some are good and some are not. Practically none of them are complete nutrition, and mixing the supplements improperly can cause more harm than good. So what can one do?

Actually, there is a wonderful product that really does cover all of the bases. It is called: Amigo, from Amigo Health Inc., manufactured by Natural Health Labs.

What Amigo Health has done is to create a health product which combines the proven properties of Goji berries, Acai berries and Mangosteen to make a health drink that is safe and effective in improving one’s health. This product is loaded with anti-oxidants, amino acids, dietary fiber, Omega fatty acids (the cholesterol fighters) in proper balance to provide the maximum health benefit.

Amigo is also very cost effective by comparison. For example, the cost of a one month supply of Goji Juice runs about $150.00, but a one month supply of Amigo is approximately $50.00. Therefore, it is safe to assume that if one wanted the benefits from all three health products, Goji, Acai and Mangosteen, it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $300- $400.00 per month, buying each product separately. Obviously, Amigo is the way to get healthy without going broke. And, those who are interested in becoming distributors for Amigo Health can enjoy an even deeper savings.

So, baby boomers, and all other health conscious folks have a new and better option for healthy living. There is no need to fill your shelves full of pill bottles, which may or may not make you healthier, Amigo Health Inc. has a better, safer and more affordable option.

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