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If you are someone who has struggled with back and body pain, the following information may help you to have more pain, free days. If stress and back pain has made your life miserable, please read my story, and see how EFT can help you!

I had been seeing different chiropractors and a Kaiser physical therapist for years to ease the suffering of my back. Until I dealt with the stress that was being held there, I never experienced any long-term relief. After a few sessions of EFT, I enjoyed more back flexibility and felt a lot less pain in my back; something I wasn’t sure I ever would have. I had been taking higher and higher doses of Ibuprofen; I was surprised when I didn’t need the pills for pain reduction. When I began working on the negative feelings in my back, I was able to release the pain naturally. I accepted my back pain when a physical therapist told me this was part of getting older. She also said it would get progressively worse, and I was scared. She gave me a few exercises to do but they didn’t change the pain in my back that much. I can tell you now; I don’t have to accept any body pain because I am getting older. I don’t have to think I can’t be healed, because I have curvature of the spine. Now, I can sleep without back pain, and have more clarity in my daily life, because I use Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT has given me a life full of energy and a significant decrease of physical pain, as well as a better life overall. I understand that some physical problems need to be addressed by health professionals. Herniated and bulging discs are difficult back ailments, which a doctor needs to address. Stress-related pain and suffering can be eliminated with EFT. What a difference having less pain means to me!

Why did I have all that back pain?

The common stressors for back pain are poor posture or pressure on the spine from long hours of sitting. I am a therapist, so I sit for many hours at a time talking with clients. This job can be stressful at times, and in my first years as a therapist I did little stretching or walking. Negative emotions are also key factors in poor back health. A Swedish study of low-back pain in the workplace showed that women who reported signs of “stress such as dissatisfaction, worry and fatigue were more likely to experience low-back pain” than those who had actual physical problems like doing a lot of lifting at work. Another study done at Ohio State University showed that when volunteers were stressed out, they used their back muscles in ways that invited back injury. A public health official, Catherine Heaney, Ph.D. expected this was more common in the “real world, where stress is experienced over longer periods of time.”

Added stress can be found in work expectations that have made our work environment very difficult and challenging to exist in. The environmental stress in our lives can increase the pain in our neck and lower back; another cause of tension headaches. Releasing the underlying causes of stress goes a long way towards healing the body’s aches and pains. Most people don’t realize that the stressful pains and aches in their bodies are the result of a build-up of negative feelings and disturbances in their energy’s system. Negative feelings become the somatic disturbances we experience as physical stress, back pain, and headaches. These disruptions in our body’s energy system eventually lead to body pain and unnecessary suffering. Long-term stress and tension can create severe discomfort, and then we are forced to find health professionals that can help us with the pain. If the initial disturbances of stress are not addressed, then the efforts of chiropractors and physical therapists will not be totally effective. Emotional Freedom Techniques release the underlying negative feelings that can cause muscles to contract into paralyzing pain and suffering.

I find EFT to be a wonderful technique to reduce any pains in my body. When I begin to get twinges anywhere in my back, I can remove them with a few rounds of EFT. If you are experiencing stress and negative feelings in your life, along with uncomfortable back pain, you are probably experiencing stress-related tension. If you have a difficult job, stress at home, and constant body aches, then your body is begging for emotional release. Even if you do have physical pain from herniated or bulging discs, you can reduce your pain with EFT.

by Andrea (Courage) Johnson, MA., Level II EFT Practitioner

I can help you.

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